To offer state of the art electrical substation services, and pioneer the industry by maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety with a focus on superior customer experience.



SILVEY aims to meet the following goals which affect our customers, the company and each

   - To prioritize safety in all aspects of the company functions.
   - To create an effective and striving organization that goes above and beyond customer expectations
   - To seek out markets and customers we are equipped to serve.
   - To pay a fair wage to all employees; to deal fairly with all our suppliers.
   - To use objective measures to evaluate individuals and group progress.
   - To supply and utilize the right tools and equipment to contribute towards company’s
      growth and development as a contributing member of the free world.
   - To base all decisions on sound moral principles.
   - To contribute our fair share to the larger community of which we are a part.
   - To always remember that profitability is essential for the ultimate success of any
      business and its customers.