Aubrey Silvey Enterprises Testing Division

Over 30 Years Experience

Aubrey Silvey Enterprises Inc. Testing Division services the utility & commercial industry in acceptance and maintenance testing, commissioning & start up.

ASE Testing Division can provide field services throughout the United States. Our field services include, but are not limited to start up, preventative maintenance, low voltage circuit breaker testing, thermo graphic survey, ground system testing, emergency generator and ATS, switchgear start up, AC and DC high potential testing, protective relay calibration, transformer, OCB and oil services, UPS and battery maintenance.


Throughout our 30 years of service, ASE Testing Division experienced, and professional technicians utilize advanced testing equipment. We are experienced in both maintenance and acceptance testing. Our technicians are goal oriented and are committed to quality testing as they ensure electrical systems are correctly installed and operating according to specified requirements. Our technicians provide on time performance and timely completion of projects, complete with required reports. We are a NETA Member Affiliate and adhere to all national standards and NETA testing specifications for electric power distribution, equipment and systems.

ASE Testing Division is currently operating offices in Florida, Ohio & Georgia and are expanding throughout the southeast.