Silvey Cares with ‘A Convoy of Care’: Harvey Relief

Silvey sends two drivers (Shane House and Larry Hardy) to Texas with two eighteen wheelers full of water donated by WSB TV (Channel 2) viewers, as part of WSB’s ‘A Convoy of Care’. 10 trucks from various organizations participated. Music used under creative commons. We claim no rights. WSB Continued Coverage:

Silvey Projects Photo Compilation

This is a photo compilation of Aubrey Silvey Enterprises Inc. projects. Seeing our projects with your own eyes is a great way to understand what we do. Music used under Creative Commons. We claim no rights.

Safe workplaces for a better bottom line

Silvey=Safety. If you are in the Construction business and Safety isn’t your top priority, then you are in the wrong business. No one wants to hire a liability. In order to even get a seat at the table for many valuable contract bids, our company has to meet certain safety standards. Customer expectations factor into […]

The Value of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Employee engagement is paramount to a successful company. Building the buy-in into your work culture ensures a happier and healthier work environment. We as managers should always be asking ourselves ‘What motivation do our employees have to work harder? ‘ This is where an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) factors in. Here at Aubrey Silvey […]