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Silvey=Safety. If you are in the Construction business and Safety isn’t your top priority, then you are in the wrong business. No one wants to hire a liability.

In order to even get a seat at the table for many valuable contract bids, our company has to meet certain safety standards. Customer expectations factor into our safety protocols for sure. But minimizing risk is so much more integral to our business than that. Studies show that companies with a rigorous safety culture save money and often see an increase in productivity. In other words, safety helps our bottom line.

Employers like Silvey that invest in workplace safety and health can expect to reduce fatalities, injuries, and illnesses. Our numbers have remained low in recent years. Most of these statistics can be reviewed on Silvey Intranet or requested by outside entities.

We recognize an emphasis on safety results in cost savings in a variety of areas, such as lowering workers’ compensation costs and medical expenses, avoiding OSHA penalties, not to mention reducing costs to train replacement employees and conduct accident investigations.

So how do we promote safety at Silvey?

We at Silvey have created many initiatives that bolster our safety culture. Our first line of defense is safety training. There are several training programs that Silvey employees must complete depending on their duties, such as New Employee Orientation, OSHA Training, Simulated Substation Training, and Monthly Safety Meetings.

More information about training offered can be found at this link.

Safety Training

Our safety council is another effective safety measure. The Silvey Safety Council was formed in an effort to have a governing body overseeing the safety initiatives of the company. The committee fulfills two different functions: 1. Strategic function 2. Tactical function. The strategic function of the council has a long-term vision. Its goal is to refocus the current corporate culture on safety where the organization will make safety its priority in all aspects. The tactical function of the body assures the day-to-day implementation of safety processes to achieve the strategic vision.

The Safety Council represents all levels of the organization—executive leadership, managerial level, project executives and field level. Meetings are held every quarter to review the overall status of the company. Safety statistics, any incidents, the progress of safety programs and other safety related matters are discussed at the council. Precautionary and corrective actions are then recommended for implementation.

More information about the Silvey Safety Council can be found at this link.

Safety Council

Lastly there are a variety of miscellaneous initiatives Silvey uses to promote a lively safety culture, such as social media tips and safety videos. More information about Silvey’s safety culture can be found at this link

Safety Culture

For any growing business, safety is vital for the bottom line. That being said, the most important reason to promote safety is to protect our most valuable resource: our hard-working employees. Without happy and healthy employees fueling all that we do, Silvey would not exist. Industry leaders, keep our safety motto in mind.

“Tomorrow is a reward for a safe today.”


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